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Molly Johnson
an Officer of The Order Of Canada

We told you so...! in 2008 Molly Johnson became an Officer of The Order Of Canada. This Recognizes a lifetime of achievement and merit of a high degree, especially in service to Canada or to humanity at large... read more1

2007 Feature Artist Love Award

Everyone Loves Molly Johnson, the person, the voice and looking back at the Alta Moda era to now, Molly is the tops baby. Molly Johnson is a Canadian Icon. Sweet voice and Heart. For sure a Governor General Award prospect. ...soon we hope.

The Bond Club...on Bond street.

The night was hot, around the corner from *Sam the Record Man* in Toronto, the Bond club was full. This is the same club where a few nights back James White & The Blacks/The Contortions set the place in flames. Everyone within the local music sceen was there to see Alta Moda. Molly and Alta Moda hit home with their electro pop... hip those days. Great show. Oh, let's not forget Etric Lyons *Kush*, gotta love this guy.

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